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Frequently asked questions



What is psychotherapy and counselling?


Sometimes life can throw up challenges which are easier to address with another person. Psychotherapy or counselling is an opportunity to contemplate your life, concerns and issues in a safe and confidential environment with a qualified person. It allows space to explore feelings and possibilities and clarify where you want to be.

Psychotherapy and counselling sessions are usually weekly and last 50 minutes.


What is the difference between psychotherapy and counselling?


Although the terms are used interchangeably, counselling can be short term work around a specific issue whereas psychotherapy may address longer term issues. For more information on psychotherapy and counselling see the BACP website.


What can psychotherapy and counselling help you do?

Psychotherapy and counselling can help you to gain insights, see different perspectives and make changes in your life.

How will it work if I want to see you?

I offer a free 10 minute telephone consultation with no obligation to continue. The purpose of the consultation is to look at what brings you to counselling and psychotherapy, and how we could work together. The next step is to book an initial 50 minute session which is £60 and then if you want to continue working together we'll schedule weekly sessions going forward.

Therapy is a process that takes time and a weekly commitment. Contact me to book a free telephone consultation today.

What is your approach?

My approach is grounded in building a trusting relationship to enable you to discuss fully the issues that bring you to therapy. There are many different possibilities and ways to live, as well as limiting factors that bring difficulties and hard choices about how you live. The benefit of therapy is an opportunity to acknowledge these limitations, find new possibilities and clarify where you want to be. I offer a warm and supportive environment where we work together at your pace. For more information about my qualifications and experience please see about me.

Where are sessions held?

I offer sessions in Dalston, E8 on weekday daytime's.

How much do you charge?


£60 for a 50 minute session – for further details see fees and sessions.



For more information please contact me on 07949 479 059 or e-mail


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